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This is the main wiki for Dragonball Zeron fans. It is the fan made series after Dragonball GT. It is becoming famous throughout facebook as well.

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It has been a year since Goku left. Everyone lived in peace but they did not have the fun they had when Goku was there. Gohan was a college teacher. Goten was in Gohan's college, and yet he was the Great Saiyaman 3. One day, Goten was flying to cool down himself, but got confronted with a man who looks exactly like Goku. Everyone thought it was Goku and this man had the same type of energy that Goku had but was evil. This man claimed himself to be be the son of Goku and recklessly blasted Goten with an energy wave. Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta got there. His name was Xicor. Xicor claims to be the son of Goku and the Supreme Kai who was with him fighting Gohan and Vegeta. But they were working for someone. Someone even more dangerous than Xicor himself. Gohan and Vegeta learned to become super saiyan 4's and fight a great battle with Xicor. Where is Goku when the earth needs him the most?

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