The Author is a real life person. He discovered how to travel to cartoon universes. The Author one day added a facebook person named son Goku, who was the real Goku. The Author sent a video call to Goku, which sucked him into the world of Dragonball. The Author has been there ever since with Goku and his friends. The Author has the ability to create his characters by his pencil in the Dragonball world.

Childhood and Dragonball ZEdit

The Author spent most of his years away from his country. The Author one day met two of his friends use the phrase, KAMEHAMEHA. The Author asked them what it was and they said it was an attack from Dragonball Z. The Author's parents took him to a video rent shop. The Author rented Dragonball Z, which changed the Author's life. After that, the Author has always loved and aknowledged Dragonball Z. The Author soon knew everything about the whole Dragonball series, and got quite upset of there not beeing a new series of Dragonball. The Author then created his own series called Dragonball Zeron!